Create a square with 9 dots like this:

The puzzle: Connect the 9 dots in 4 moves without picking your pen or pencil from the paper. The clue is, you have to think outside the box. Go ahead, try it.

After making all the moves that don’t do it, here’s the answer. The clue we gave you meant to not limit yourself to connecting the 9 dots within the box, but to go beyond the obvious limitations.

Start with your pencil in the upper left corner dot and draw it down to the lower right corner dot, and then from there, move it upward and beyond the upper right corner dot and keep on going until you can diagonally connect the line with the middle dot and the bottom left side dot, then straight across to the right, connecting with the other two dots. Simple when you know how, and it depends on having the right tools to do the job right.

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