There are 3 ebooks in the relationship category that will give you new insights into your ideas and feelings. You will see if the tools you’re using to accomplish your goals are working or not. And if not, here is an opportunity to learn new and different tools to manage your relationships. You always have the power to make changes in your life and these ebooks will corroborate what you have always known but not expressed openly. The subject in each ebook explores either wanting to have someone to live with forever or, simply recreating to enjoy yourself.





How to Find a Keeper™ Reasons or results – what’s it going to be? You don’t have to give up hope of every finding a keeper with this ebook. The author not only takes you through how she stumbled upon the secret of getting and keeping her husband based upon her own experiences, but tells you what to do and exactly how to do it.

The Keeper’s Program consists of 5 easy to follow steps. You start with how to word your ad in a newspaper, or magazine or on-line dating programs and continues through the interview process.

It includes ‘The Compatibility Analyzer’™ form that matches your needs in 7 areas with the qualities you see in the applicants. Ms. Upton offers some very good advice along the way, including what not to do and say once you found him. Emphasis is on the roles you must play during the entire process, regardless of the number of times you’ve been in a relationship or married.

This ebook will help you master the communication tools you need to find the results you always wanted in a relationship.


The Compatibility Analyzer™. Are you in a relationship worth keeping? We all want a relationship with someone who matches the expectation of our ideal mate. We all have the list that we’ve been carrying around for so long we know it by heart. You know the words, “I’m looking for someone who…”, or, I need somebody who…” You fill in the blanks. In matching our needs with the qualities we see in another person, we identify traits based upon our expectations for a successful relationship, which may be unrealistic, self-indulgent, or even well-founded.

Many of us don’t know or can’t express what we really need in order to have a successful relationship, but we certainly know when we’re not getting what we need. . . . when a relationship doesn’t seem to get off the ground or when once started, begins to fall apart.
The Compatibility Analyzer lets you see at a glance when your expectations are mismatched with the personality attributes you see in another person. If the expected qualities that you’re looking for can be closely matched with the qualities in another person, there is a greater chance to build a relationship into a lasting one. For example, if you need someone who is spontaneous and the person you’re seeing is predictable, then you will show a mismatch between you and that person.

The World Through My Eyes™


This book expounds my views as I see people and situations using communication tools that I created and use. I assess, evaluate, and make decisions based upon my viewpoint of being either a ‘Supplier’ or a ‘Consumer’. I will explain to you in detail what these roles mean and when to use each tool.