Through Supplier and Consumer Eyes




Through Supplier and Consumer Eyes™. Rose colored glasses is the expression used to describe someone who sees things from an optimistic or ‘rosy’ colored viewpoint. This ebook analyzes two diametrically opposed viewpoints of the world through the eyes of both a ‘Supplier’ and a ‘Consumer.’ I created and developed these communication tools that helped change my life.
You will learn how to make changes in your life and in relationship with others that will give you the feeling of satisfaction, accomplishment, and completeness. When you learn how to use these new tools, you can make the commitment for change in your life and the intention to make things happen.
You will learn what it is to be the Supplier and then switch roles in your head and be the Consumer; look out at the world through eyes unaccustomed to the insights that are in store for you, as they were for me many years ago.