The Emotional Toolbox




The Emotional Toolbox™. There are communication tools in this ebook for you to use to see an X-ray on paper, whenever you get upset, to understand the difference between your expectation and the reality of the situation, to resolve an upset! You will learn how to deal with people in a new way.
Self-help is a misnomer. You can’t help yourself unless you use tools or get help from someone or somewhere and then use them to build what you envision as your goal.
Your words have unbelievable power. Saying “I can” (do it) as it gives you the permission to do it. That means you can take the steps to succeed. That doesn’t mean that you will always accomplish what you set out to do, however intention always shows up and failure always shows up when you don’t have the intention.
There are many paths to achieving a goal, and perhaps one that you didn’t think of at the time. When you give yourself permission, that means you have given yourself the opportunity and the willingness to get up to bat. When you get up to bat, many things can happen.
Change is a fear of the unknown. And change is inevitable. You have a choice. So decide here and now if you want to begin a new chapter in your life and if so, do it now!