The Compatibility Analyzer



The Compatibility Analyzer™. Are you in a relationship worth keeping? We all want a relationship with someone who matches the expectation of our ideal mate. We all have the list that we’ve been carrying around for so long we know it by heart. You know the words, “I’m looking for someone who…”, or, I need somebody who…” You fill in the blanks. In matching our needs with the qualities we see in another person, we identify traits based upon our expectations for a successful relationship, which may be unrealistic, self-indulgent, or even well-founded.
Many of us don’t know or can’t express what we really need in order to have a successful relationship, but we certainly know when we’re not getting what we need. . . . when a relationship doesn’t seem to get off the ground or when once started, begins to fall apart.
The Compatibility Analyzer lets you see at a glance when your expectations are mismatched with the personality attributes you see in another person. If the expected qualities that you’re looking for can be closely matched with the qualities in another person, there is a greater chance to build a relationship into a lasting one. For example, if you need someone who is spontaneous and the person you’re seeing is predictable, then you will show a mismatch in what you need with the reality of the personality of this person.