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There are 5 ebooks in the business/finance category, and 1 ebook about how to buy a house. These are not conventional “How To” books. They all start with the premise that you need to be shown not only what to do, but more importantly, how to do it. You will create an X-Ray in each of the ebooks, except the Markups ebook, that lets you see what needs to be done, and how to do it. And you will be able to use the models as a guide for future development and changes in your business.

Achieve the Competitive Edge™. What is your business really known for? Would you like to know why your customers really buy from you? Do you really know what your competitive edge is? If you don’t know or would like to create one, this is the ebook for you!

This ebook compares the expectations of what CEO’s, presidents, operating officers and managers want their business and/or divisions to be known for, against the reality of why their customers buy their products or services. We call this, the ‘KF’ (known for) qualities.

Your competitive edge is derived from the ‘known for’ characteristics of your business. These ‘KF’ characteristics are derived from the ‘key business resources’ that you use to fill your customers orders. The key business resources (KBR’s) are the glue that holds the organization together. They are the kinds of resources needed to produce the deliverable, and create the ‘known for’ factors that give the business its competitive edge.

This ebook will take you through the steps, one-by-one, to help you establish your competitive edge and at the same time, create a table of organization manual (T/O) for your whole organization by function. You will see, at a glance, what is and what is not working in your organization, and who is responsible for each activity. Consultants charge tens of thousands of dollars and spend hundreds of hours defining a company’s strengths and weaknesses to create a competitive edge for them. This ebook will do it for you and you will be able to monitor your company’s progress anytime you want to, using it as a guide.


The Interview Analyzer™ A form will tell, when filled out will tell you if you are hiring the wrong person. You will see on the form after the interview if your expectation of the individual matches the reality of the person’s personality. When you identify each of the seven issues you are looking for and relate them to each applicant, the purpose of the interview tool will become apparent to you – to help you make the right decision. Does this person fit into the company’s corporate environment or not? That’s the benefit of this ebook!





Markups & Gross Profit.  This is a primer for helping you understand the difference between pricing terms that are based upon good business design practices and charging prices based only on a gut feeling.

If you need to know the basics in selling goods for a profit, whether you have a ‘helping hands at home’ part time business, or a ‘cottage industry’ arts & crafts operation, this ebook will explain it to you in very simple terms.

The terms that we will be discussing are: • Cost of goods sold • Break-even point • Markups • Gross profits • Discounts.

Even if you don’t need to know this information, it would be nice to explain it to your children or grandchildren in terms they can understand so that when they go shopping at the mall they will know how much it cost when the sign in the window says, ‘40% off.’

7 Steps To Finding Your Dream House™. For most of us, buying a house is the most important financial decision of our lives you. Real estate agents can show you many houses, but who helps us with the emotional side of the decision? Many of us walk around with a picture of the dream house we’d really like to live in. Then when we go out looking for a house, we’ll measure everything we see up against that picture – whether it’s realistic or not. In this area we have little to go on – or measure – other than our feelings.

The House Buyer’s Analyzer was designed to help you – and help the real estate agent help you – find and put a bid on a house that’s as close to the ideal you have in mind as is realistically possible.

The House Buyer’s Analyzer deals with emotional considerations. There are seven considerations and seven steps to the process that allows you to define and express your considerations in an objective manner. The seven steps outlined in this booklet will help you and your agent find the house you want.

The Breakfast Interview™.

Breakfast is a difficult meal to make because it has so many elements. Asking an interviewee how he or she would prepare a specific meal, it can tell you a lot about how that person would behave on the job. Try it.

Forming a Business Plan™.

If you ever have the urge to go into business for yourself, or with someone else, read this introduction first. It will plunge you directly into the pitfalls and obstacles that you will face as opposed to receiving a paycheck every week or so. It all depends upon your intentions in life, and for the normal individual, the answers are simply not there.

My wife and I always wanted to live a carefree life, buying an RV and sail into the sunset, traveling throughout the US, stopping when and where we wanted to, for as long as we wanted to. Fortunately, we had a doctor friend living on the west coast who had one. He invited us to spend a long weekend with him, his wife, his 6 year old adopted son, and a dog to travel up and down the west coast highway.

Well, we did it, and it didn’t take us more than 5 hours to realize that our expectations would never match the reality, and the money it would cost us, and the aggravation we would have to endure doing it. There are things you know, and things you don’t know about, which you can learn, and there are things that you don’t know that you don’t know that will always bite you in the behind sooner or later.

This was not for us!

In conclusion, it is always better to consult with people who have gone into business for themselves for their input, and what they have to put up with, before you take the plunge. So read on!