My father was a fantastic salesman and never graduated beyond the 8th grade. I had to learn everything I did like a sponge. I graduated from college with a bachelor’s degree and took many adult education courses and seminars on various subjects, and with the introduction of the smartphones and computers, I had the world’s knowledge in the palm of my hand. While living in New York City, I had the opportunity to become an after-school tutor working with a company hired by the board of education to, teach one-on- one with 5th graders.

I was given free-reign and taught the subjects that the students needed, including reading, writing, and math. It was easy. I simply went on Google® and entered, “how do I…and filled in what I needed to teach them. I was always one day ahead of them.

Of all the self-help ebooks I’ve written, I feel that ‘The Emotional Toolbox™® is one of my best contributions to help anyone resolve their stress, anger and emotional situations. If you learn to use the tools in my ebooks, you will not only be able to help other people, you will make a contribution in your own life; self-satisfaction, accomplishment, and well-being.

Zalman Puchkoff