A Sudoku Puzzle

Unlike the Sudoku puzzles you find in the newspapers and puzzle books, this one gives you absolutely no clues and can be made up with any number of squares as long as they have an odd number of boxes. Let’s start with a box that has 49 number of squares in it. Your job is to fit the numbers from 1-49  in it that add up to the same number 175, going from top to bottom, side to side, or diagonally across.

You could be working at it all day without success. That’s because you haven’t been given the instructions, or the tools of how to do it.

Here is a construction of the completed puzzle:

Now for the instructions:

Start with the number 1 (boldfaced) and put it at the top in the middle where shown.

Then, always work in an upward slant, putting 2 right above 10.

Since there is no box there, drop down to the bottom and put it there as shown.

Continue with the upward slant and put 3 and 4 there, again in boldface type. Since there is no box outside for 5, slide across and put 5 where shown and continue putting 6 and 7 where shown. That’s the game plan. When you reach a box that is already taken, drop down a box and put 8 right below 7 and continue with 9 and 10. As there’s no box above 10, slide down to the bottom and put 11 where shown.

Now you have the secret! When you get to 28, there is no box for 29, so drop down and put it below 28, and continue using the same formula. Remember to use an odd numbered box for different sizes of puzzles. Your audience will think you’re a genius!