I have written 21 self-help ebooks to help people actualize themselves. What does that really mean? Everyone projects an image, an expectation, of where they want to be or do or accomplish. How many people actually plan or do the things they need to do to achieve their goals? Not many. Why?

They don’t have the tools, a plan to follow because the world caves in on them and they get lost in the everyday. Sound familiar? Do you think one small thing can change a person’s life? You know it can. And when it comes along, can you recognize what it is?

If you want to know what my credentials are, I create credentials, I don’t steal from others.

Listen to a person worth listening to and you will learn the differences between an opinion, intellectualization, and wisdom. The problem is, how do you find a person worth listening to? Which tools do you have to use? If you don’t have the right tools, where do you go to find them and put them to use?

I suggest you start learning the tools of Consumer and Supplier, roles that each of us use every day with people, without really knowing what they are. Consumers think differently than Suppliers and each role has its own power. You’ll find these communication tools in the menu category “SELF HELP” above. Scroll down to the ebook, ‘Through Supplier and Consumer Eyes,’ and read the description to whet your appetite. Then scroll to, ‘Get Out of Your Head and Start Thinking’ and digest this description. If you download these two ebook, you’ll then have enough communication tools to find a person worth listening to.

Depending upon where you are in your own life-cycle, the menu items above may provide you with communication tools that you can use right now – to help you with insight into problem solving.

Zalman Puchkoff